Monday, December 17, 2012

Mull; Debauch Component Three 2013

Reynold will part of the performers at the next Mull; Debauch Component Three. A combination of all musician/frontman of other local bands. 

1. Wàllõped Showcase ep.2 (Regional)
 Directed by Andri Nadzri, artist-in-residence featuring:
i) Addy - Trumpet (Keladak)
ii) Andri - Analog Synth (Ghost Moth)
iii) Amy - Vocal Loops (Goodbye 20th Century)
iv) Nubly - Guitar (Zalacca)
v) Ronnie - Guitar (Furniture)
vi) Reynold - Guitar (Love/Comes)
vii) Honque - Bass (Sphere)
viii) Sudar - Sampler (Think!Tadpole!Think!)
viii) Timmy Ong - Cello (Space Gambus Experiment)
ix) Jordan Rais - Alto Clarinet (Under the Velvet Sky)
x) Marina - Sax (1234x)
xi) Fostaimaq - Various (Artik)
xii) Brendan - Guitar (Free Deserters)
xiii) Tareh - Bass Synths (Zd|cM)
xiv) Ian - Drums (Nao)

*Visuals by Rupajiwa Studios.
plus our local heroes NICE STUPID PLAYGROUND all the way from Kuching. 
HERE full details.

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