Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Our new home. Studio visit.

the sound engineer at his desk. 
 listening to some other works that has been done.

 rough ideas on getting the drum's sound and setup

 The Manager. Founder of Shoma Records.

we're very excited and fired up as we'll be heading back to the studio, soon. should be all good to go by this October. we're also happily to announces that, we'll be under Shoma Records for the next release and Love Comes will the first official artist. this indeed one of the best news for us this year. the schedule is definitely gonna be a bit tight as the rest of the boys have to fly back and forth to Kuala Lumpur for the recording sessions. wish us the best of luck and we shall make this happen. thank you again for the love, critics and support for us for this past years. it does really drives us forward. we'll shall improve more and make the best out of it. so stay tuned and lookout for the next release.

Please do leave any comments or suggestions to us thru here or our facebook page. we really love to hear it from you. Peace.

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