Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Recordings are just around the corner!!

yeah that's right, we got 4 songs to be completed by end of April..

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Split EP with Partimelovers

Dear folks,

Gonna let all of you know that, LC will be releasing a split EP with fellow post-punkers from Kuala Lumpur Partimelovers (pic left), both bands are now in calm state, rehearsing for the recordings which both bands will start in early April. Exciting for both bands.

Spirits are high now, at the moment both bands will be doing everything on their own, hopefully will woo DIY labels to help us out on means of distributions and what not.

for more information on Partimelovers, visit them at for more punk goodness.

Upcoming Shows

hi guys and girls,

1. World Health Day 11 April at Kuching Waterfront 3pm onwards
: with Nice Stupid Playground, Akur, Polar, Ready Steady and many more.

2. Community Show @ Kuching Amphiteather 26 June (time TBA).

3. Rinforest World Music Fest 2010 after party show in July (time & date TBA).

peeps, Reynold will help out a NSP on synth a bit, and a big thanks to Larry of Midnight Surrenders that will help LC out on the drums.

dont' forget to be there ya? Peace!