Friday, February 19, 2010

From the South China Sea

As of now, we're cocooned ourselves in the rehearsing space penning songs, some are working great whilst some are just lame..

on certain sessions things are just so complicated ever since our drummer Danny had left us, working a substitute drummer means we got to start all over again, as in from zero again..back to the skeletons.

it seems that 3-4 songs are finding its way to the band. most of it uh like those usual 2-3 chords repeating all the way.

lately we have been listening to The National, Klimnt1918, and Gang of Four, just to refreshed our heads.

in the mean time, we will get busy in March to do an EP. Mostly the old songs the being played live to death. Soon they will be where they should.


  1. who plays drums now then???
    i'd like to play with you guys,jst because i relate to your sounds so accordingly.but im now based in kl not kch anymore..

  2. x sabar nak lepak dgn korang kat KCH.. end of this year kitorang nak tour sana :)