Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Splitting ways.

hello folks,

much love from the band to all of you are reading and has been following us and not least being listening to the music we made. music that was made out of love, love for music.

we cannot promise when it will be out but the songs are almost done, together with Partimelovers, we are seeking interested labels/distros to help us to get the music around.

and to make it much more exciting, we got a new guy in the camp! Helping us on guitars. You'll find out about our new dude soon.

keep the love, keep the faith!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

our recent show at Bau Rocks 2.0, man it was hot..

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sleep on this one, The Train won't wait.

it has been a month since we first entered the studio, most basic tracks are done, it has been a weird journey. weird one. when we got in the studio for the first time, we don't know how to's hard to imagine the mood of the songs, the energy of the songs.

it is clearly and obviously the live energy of the band can't be reflected in the recordings. unless we recorded all songs live in the studio (but that's not what we're goin' to do)..instead we went thru so much hassle and trouble just to record very "simple" songs. simplicity can be confusing enough at

one of our song "contrast" had been deleted, the guitar tracks that is..we felt that the guitars are becoming so complacent, and we can't tolerate that. the song is still "guitarless' leaving only drum and bass all the way. we'll squeeze our brains for this one.

it's great to know such similar band that are willing to share similar missions with us. Partimelovers!! and God knows what is goin' to happen next.. we really hope that this collaboration will open doors for us to begin playin' outside of home, outside of comfort zone, outside of the circles..

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Recordings are just around the corner!!

yeah that's right, we got 4 songs to be completed by end of April..

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Split EP with Partimelovers

Dear folks,

Gonna let all of you know that, LC will be releasing a split EP with fellow post-punkers from Kuala Lumpur Partimelovers (pic left), both bands are now in calm state, rehearsing for the recordings which both bands will start in early April. Exciting for both bands.

Spirits are high now, at the moment both bands will be doing everything on their own, hopefully will woo DIY labels to help us out on means of distributions and what not.

for more information on Partimelovers, visit them at for more punk goodness.

Upcoming Shows

hi guys and girls,

1. World Health Day 11 April at Kuching Waterfront 3pm onwards
: with Nice Stupid Playground, Akur, Polar, Ready Steady and many more.

2. Community Show @ Kuching Amphiteather 26 June (time TBA).

3. Rinforest World Music Fest 2010 after party show in July (time & date TBA).

peeps, Reynold will help out a NSP on synth a bit, and a big thanks to Larry of Midnight Surrenders that will help LC out on the drums.

dont' forget to be there ya? Peace!

Friday, February 19, 2010

From the South China Sea

As of now, we're cocooned ourselves in the rehearsing space penning songs, some are working great whilst some are just lame..

on certain sessions things are just so complicated ever since our drummer Danny had left us, working a substitute drummer means we got to start all over again, as in from zero again..back to the skeletons.

it seems that 3-4 songs are finding its way to the band. most of it uh like those usual 2-3 chords repeating all the way.

lately we have been listening to The National, Klimnt1918, and Gang of Four, just to refreshed our heads.

in the mean time, we will get busy in March to do an EP. Mostly the old songs the being played live to death. Soon they will be where they should.